I would like to thank the following people for their enormous assistance in this venture:

  • Linda Davis - For hours and hours of labour correcting my language use.
  • Conrad "Lynx" Wong - For constructive criticism and structural advice.
  • Stig Anders Klemp Johansen - Hours of artwork, including coping with me changing my mind just as he had a project done.

'Special Mention' to:

  • Henrik Andren
  • Tim Baverstock
  • Paul Defenbaugh
  • Steven Green
  • Nick Hansen
  • Daniel Innis
  • Stig Johansen
  • Joseph Kennedy
  • Bruce Murphy
  • "Bluewolf"

...without whose moral and other support I would not have been able to do anything.
(If I missed your name... I am still confirming the spelling!)

To the following forum groups: (too many people to mention by name)

  • The friends from Celestial Reasonings, who believed in me. (Look, I am flying!)
  • All the Divas and Diva Dudes from Romance Divas - the most comfortable, helpful and pleasant writers group online. From them I have learned an enormous amount. I will always be thankful!